Why Choose Crick Contracting & Building Design For Your Construction Project?

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Crick Contracting & Building Design LLC

Crick Contracting & Building Design is a design and build company as well as general contractor. Our strength and experience is the design & build process. Crick’s team of design and build specialists work for you to design your project to meet your needs with a design that will be constructed on time and budget.

We do this by utilizing our designers, drafters, excavation crews, erecting crews, interior finish crews as well as heating, plumbing, and electrical workers during the design phase of your project. This wealth of trade personnel and knowledge allows us to design with construction in mind, speeding your project’s turn around and keeping costs in line with your budget.

Crick is a one stop shop, Crick is the builder and Crick is the designer and we understand exactly what you have in mind. By listening to you we find out what you want to achieve. When the project is designed Crick will begin the construction process and send our workers and knowledgeable tradesmen to construct your Project.

Working with Crick allows you to more accurately know the costs going into your project, your time frame for the construction, and the fact that your building will be designed with your input and vision in mind.